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NAS DL100 Restore Fails - DVD Ejects

Darrin Addams_1
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NAS DL100 Restore Fails - DVD Ejects


I've got a DL100 (G1) and I'm having a problem restoring the O/S. Until recently, it was running fine but I'd created an NFS share and was copying a large amount of data when the process failed and the primary array was then degraded and started to rebuild.

I decided to just restore the entire unit from the DVD (using the correct external USB DVD drive) just as I'd done before. Before I attempted this, I did a low-level format from the Adaptec controller's software (on boot-up), just on the drive that seemed to have failed. I then initialised all of the drives and tried the restore process.

The normal HP Restore screen was displayed and at the menu option, selecting 'Q' for factory restore resulted in the application configuring the drives. Sure enough, when it rebooted, the primary and secondary arrays (each one as 9GB RAID 1) had been correctly configured as well as the data array (1.3TB RAID 5). Unfortunately, when selecting 'Q' again at the boot-up screen, the DVD was ejected from the drive.

I looked in the event log and saw that the battery was out of range. I replaced that and tried again - same result.

I low-level formatted all the rest of the drives, re-initialised them all and tried again - same result.

I took each drive in turn and formatted them using NTFS on another machine, reinstalled on the NAS and tried again - same result.

There's no error message displayed and no log/event recorded. The Adaptec controller has no issue in building the arrays but the Restore DVD just keeps being ejected when I press the 'Q' button.

I've swapped out the external DVD drive for another unit - same result.

I've changed system RAM - same result.

I've used a different Restore DVD (I have two of the same version) - same result.

It worked fine before the array originally failed but it just won't restore now! Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any other ideas?

Is there a newer version of the 4.3 release of the Restore disk?

The only other thing I can think of other than doing the low-level formats (which I haven't done before) is that I'd applied the latest 6.9 service release but surely that can't have done anything can it?
Darrin Addams_1
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Re: NAS DL100 Restore Fails - DVD Ejects

Update to this!

Just before I wrote the above I tried using Darik's Boot/Nuke to blank the drives (last ditch attempt) - I've just tried the restore process again and it worked!

I can't explain what's happened because I systematically formatted (and initialised) each drive in turn. I can't imagine what the DBAN process managed to do that I wasn't able to do via a process of low-level formatting, initialisation and formatting with NTFS.

I spent ages trying to get my DL100 up and it turns out all I needed was DBAN!