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Re: NAS DL100

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We have recently had a drive fail in our NAS DL100 1TB, but once the server was reboot it came back to life but now it is showing the logical drives as degraded. The only option it gives me is to initialize the logical drive. I looked in the help section of the Storage manager and says that the first 1024 bytes are deleted on the drive when a drive is initialized. Does this mean the RAID array will be wiped and all data will be lost? Can anyone recommend a course of action?
Jon Paul
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Re: NAS DL100

Hi Oldham,
When a disk is Initialized with the Adaptec Storage Manager any information on that disk will be erased. Your RAID set is currently running without any redundancy on the Data disk.
Save your data, initialize ONLY the one drive. The rebuild should start. There is no reason why your data will be deleted from the other 3 drives but it's always better to be safe.