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NAS J3293A 4000

Jack B. Thompson
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NAS J3293A 4000

I recently got one to add some extra storage, Came with no drives, I had six 9 gigers laying around that seem to be ok, worked in another server, My question is ,It appears to be trying to config an array for a long time, and on the 2 top leds, where it should say HP,if alls well,I am reciving a # 09 ,Ive read the user guide front to back and cant find a clue, Any Ideas ?? Thanks for any resopnses, JBT
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Re: NAS J3293A 4000


A HP StorageWorks NAS 4000s came with 2-36GB disk drives with the Windows Storage Server 2003 OS pre-installed. A assume you are using the Quick Restore DVD to re-install your OS. You need to locate the 36GB disks and re-install the OS using the 4000s QR DVD.
Jack B. Thompson
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Re: NAS J3293A 4000

Thanks for the reply,
Interesting Info,
Heres what I did, and whats happening at present , I mounted the six 9 gig drives I had, pluged in some info in the setup page by Browser acess, It proceeded to build a array,with all six slots,created a c volume and some folders, and reports that everything is ok,and online,Shows up in network neighborhood as HPHDSERV??? and all appears well till I try to access it, Then it Faults X-300 ,I cant write to it to copy over the updated info that is avaiable, is it possiable to link a laptop to serial port and spoon feed it the updated imiage info?
I'm just a tinker person ,And trying to figure out this NAS stuff,
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Re: NAS J3293A 4000

Hello Jack,

I think Keith is way off-track and is referring to another product.

The product number that you are referring to is equipped with 6*9GB HDD's. And no sorry to say it's not possible to connect a laptop over a serialcable. The EXP300 error that you get is related to the following:

The "exeption 300" error basiclly means that the HDserver get's a call it can't handle.

In these circumstances the HDserver will go down and "exp 300" is shown in the LCD-display. After a reboot of the server it works fine again.

Typical - a HDserver could in some cases give the EXP300 error if a Windows2000 or XP unit is used to connect to the HDserver in "user-level access" - Windows2000 is not supported on the HDserver and typically the HDserver get's a unknown call cause Win2000 uses a different way of authenticating the users compared to WinNT4

To troubleshoot EXP300:

- there are fixes for some EXP300 errors in the recent firmwares. Always check that the customer is using the latest firmware if he ever get's a EXP300 error.

- check the hidden "panic-page" on the HDserver - http:///panic.html
Here you will find a "panic-dump" which could be useful for analyzing what caused the error.

- make sure the HDserver only is used in a supported envirnoment

So i guess you are using W2K or XP to login to the HDserver. What firmware is on the unit?

The best that you can do is to format the unit and then only use NT4 or W98 to apprach the unit. I found as workaround for a long time now (3 years) to only use WINCOMMANDER to approach the unit. No EXP300 errors ever.

Let me know what firmware and I'll check if there's an update.

email to: MIK22001 (AT) HOTMAIL (DOT) COM

Best Regards,

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