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NAS box Storeeasy 1540 expansion

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NAS box Storeeasy 1540 expansion

Storeeasy 1540 upgrade

Hi, I want to upgrade below NAS box Storeeasy 1540 from 2tb to 4 or 6tb. Please advise

Product Details,

Product no : E7W75A Hard drive : 2TB Processor : Intel (R) Corei3 – 4130 CPU @3.40 GHz RAM : 8.00 GB System Type : 64 Bit OS : Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard

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Re: NAS box Storeeasy 1540 expansion

Here is a link to the QuickSpec for the StoreEasy 1000 family back when it was based on ProLiant Gen 8 servers. as your StoreEasy 1540 is.  Looks like this is a tower with a max of 4 drives.  In order to expand the capacity, you would need to use an external drive enclosure. Page 12 lists the options for externally supported enclosures and page 23 talks more about expanding storage. I'd suggest you contact an HPE partner that knows StoreEasy.  You can also try chat on the StoreEasy home page


Re: NAS box Storeeasy 1540 expansion

HP StoreEasy 1540 Storage E7W75A
NOTE: This model does not include pre-configured HDDs. A minimum of 4 HDDs of the same type and a capacity greater
than 146GB must be ordered for factory integration. This system cannot be shipped with less than 4 HDDs. The four drives
will be factory configured as RAID 6 with the OS pre-installed.
Drive Options Minimum Number of Drives Required 4
Maximum Number of Drives Allowed 4

StoreEasy 1540 supports D2000, D3000, D6000 series external enclosures. All you need to buy new SA controller and disk enclosure together. Internal SATA or SAS drives having limitation on this model and supports only till 16TB as Quickspecs. You can buy following SA controller of choice and External drive enclosure .

HP Smart Array P421/1GB FBWC 6Gb 2-ports Ext SAS Controller 631673-B21

HP Smart Array P421/2GB FBWC 6Gb 2-ports Ext SAS Controller 631674-B21

HP Smart Array P431/2GB FBWC 6Gb 2-ports Ext SAS Controller 698531-B21

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