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NAS for EVA 4400

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NAS for EVA 4400


We are planning moving some of our infrastructure to the dataceneter.Most of our hardware is EMC/Dell and datacenter uses HP. One of the components we use is EMC Celerra NS20 Filer connected to the EMC CX3-10 storage array.This is the primary device for users to access CIFS shares. Nwo I am trying to move some infrastructure to the datacenter, some files would need to be served there as well. The idea was to buy stanadalone Celerra (without any integrated storage) and connect it to the EVA 4400 that is already available in the datacenter.this would also let us use Celerra replicator for keeping two Celerras in sync if needed.
I have spoken to EMC support if it is possible to use EVA4 400 as storage for Celerra and their answer was "we don't support 3rd party storage", which is perfectly understandable.

Now I have two options :

1.Buying Celerra with integrated storage .This will cost a lot than initilaly planned but solves the problem completely.

2 Buy other filer that can be supported using EVA 4400 .Keeping Celerra and non EMC filer would be a next challenge in this case.

I have checked HP site and could not find any device that is similiar to Celerra. What are the other filers that would work with HP storage? Do I have any other options to replicate rather than using EMC software?

Thank you very much in advance!