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NAS server performance

Robert Vilhelmsen
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NAS server performance


Anyone knows where I can find tech. specs. on the NAS boxes regarding how many Mb/s (I/O) they can transfer?

I am looking for a replacement for my existing W2K3 server (std. server - no nas) where I backup all my servers to disk and then to tape, but my current disksystem cannot handle enough I/O sec. and therefore my nightly backups is becomming to slow and my weekly full backup is way to slow.
Jon Paul
Trusted Contributor

Re: NAS server performance

Hi Robert,
If you are only using the server for Disk to Disk backup, then you may want to check out the HP Disk to Disk options.
If you have a windows only infrastructure, the Data Protection Storage Server is a good option. It uses the VSS technology to quickly backup data from remote servers. The best part of this is that the users can be enabled to recover their own documents from the remote server.
If you are backing up multiple different OSs or are comfortable with your backup software then the VLS (Virtual Library System) may be an option. It is seen as a tape library to the backup software, just really really fast.
Above URL is the listing of D2D options from HP.
Hope this helps,