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NAS storageworks 1000s

jonathan chapman
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NAS storageworks 1000s

Hi all,
I have bought a NAS 1000s Part No. 334196-B21 really by error not realising that there are no drives included or software. Is it worth buying four drives and installing it or is this not a simple task, should I just sell it on and buy a complete system?

Can anyone advise.
Jon Paul
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Re: NAS storageworks 1000s

Hi Jonathan,
Not sure where you bought the 1000s since it was obsoleted when Windows 2003 became available. Most likely the person who sold it to you realized it was out of warranty and support and took the drives for other uses (You might want to check memory too).
The biggest problem with the box is that not all USB DVDs work with it to restore the OS. As long as you still have the COA sticker on the top of the box, you have a license for the original OS Windows 2000 Appliance edition.
You can get the restore disk free at click on "Storage and NAS" find the NAS1000s and get the disk shipped to you. You will need 4 identical drives to reload from the quick restore.
The box is OK. It's slow, PIII processor and has only 4 Parallel ATA disks.
If you want more control over how the OS is laid out. Or you want a newer OS (Windows 2003) you can install standard windows server 2000 or 2003, as long as you have a license.
Hope this helps,