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NAS x1400 G2 Performance

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NAS x1400 G2 Performance

Hi Everyone,

My company recently purchased a NAS x1400 G2. Everything was up and running fine for the first month. We later started moving all our network files on to that server. It has a 8TB total storage. The issue I have been running into is when the users open up their files like Excel and Word. When they open their files it seems to freeze for about a minute or two and its driving me crazy cause I can't figure out why. I am not sure why this is happening. I thought using this would help boost performance with our network files. We were using a Buffalo 1TB TerraStaion before this. Another thing I noticed is my snapshots only show data for the past 5 days. I set it to take a snapshot everyday and its been doing this for more than 3 months. Not sure where the other snapshots are stored?? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks! Here are the specs on our NAS:


NAS x1400 G2



Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1

Intel Xeon E5503