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NAS1000s Quick Restore Fails

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NAS1000s Quick Restore Fails

I am trying to do a Quick Restore on my NAS 1000s.

I plugged in a generic USB-2.0 DVD ROM.

The system boots to a Quick Restore Screen, I hit Q to do the Quick Restore, and C on the next screen. After a minute or so, the system automatically restarts.

After the BIOS messages, it displays:
Failed to Boot from all devices
System hang !

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Re: NAS1000s Quick Restore Fails

Problem Solved.

In the ITRC forum - NAS 12/10/2003

Quick Restore doed not support just any USB DVD.

I went and got the HP Multiport Bay and DVD ROM ($90 + $220) and the Quick Restore worked.

Keep this in mind if you haven't tested your disaster recovery plan!

You need a supported USB DVD to do the Quick Restore. It's not so quick if you do not have a supported USB DVD!!!!