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NAS1200S slow transfer speeds..

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NAS1200S slow transfer speeds..

We have a HP NAS 1200S which sits on a Windows domain and has 2 GB NICs & 4 x 250GB 7200 HDD in RAID5 config. Transferring files among Servers 2000, 2003 and all XP clients is top rate but on the HP NAS it is painfully slow to copy files to/from. I also have an Iomega NAS device which also has Storage Sever 2003 and as above it operates on the normal data transfer speeds across the LAN, far better than the HP and I am baffled why? Examples below if anyone can suggest anything?

1]Iomega NAS >> 55MB Zip >> HP NAS = 9 mins - 130 kb outbound from Iomega & 100kb inbound on HP

2]HP NAS >> 55MB ZIP >> Iomega NAS = 1.56 mins - 570 kb outbound from HP & 470kb inbound on Iomega

3]HP NAS >> 55MB ZIP >> XP Pro = 2.05 mins - 513 kb outbound from HP

4]XP Pro >> 55MB ZIP >> HP NAS = 8.38 mins - 130 kb outbound from XP & 140kb inbound on HP

This fully suggests to me that writing to the HP is a big problem but reading from it is fine?
Can anyone please help? Have I missed some setting somewhere? I realise RAID5 will slow it down somehwat but not this much...will it?