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NAS1500 OS upgrade and/or antivirus

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NAS1500 OS upgrade and/or antivirus

I have a NAS1500 1TB model with Windows 2003 Appliance Server edition and two questions:

1) Is there any antivirus product compatible with this unit? I've contacted the big name providers who state they don't offer anything and can't suggest anything.

2) Is there anyway to upgrade the OS on this NAS1500 to a normal Windows 2003 Storage Server?

I so regret getting this NAS1500, its been nothing but issues as far as compatibility with anything goes. HP's site has articles that show Windows updates can't be applied normally, restoring a NAS1500 isn't clean, and even hot swapping a failed drive doesn't work. I am so very disappointed in this unit - its the worst and most issue ridded piece of equipment we have. I was hoping an upgrade away from the appliance server edition that came with it may solve some of its issues. Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help.

Re: NAS1500 OS upgrade and/or antivirus


WE have 2 NAS boxes 1200S and 200S I agree the lower level ones are rubbish, cannot comment on the 1500 as nnot seen one.

Anyway as for aV we run Mcaffee you have to install the agent by connecting the mouse and keyboard and loging on like that, it is a bit hit and miss but we got it to work OK.
Jon Paul
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Re: NAS1500 OS upgrade and/or antivirus

Hi Steve,
See this URL:
"Microsoft Corporation considers Windows Storage Server 2003 to be equivalent to Windows Server 2003 from a Qualification and Support perspective if an application has been qualified for the "Certified for Windows" logo. If a third party application or device has been qualified on Windows Server 2003, then it is considered qualified on Windows Storage Server 2003. Microsoft supports overall Windows Storage Server 2003 configurations, regardless of the applications installed, but does not directly support individual third party applications. Any issues related to a third party application will be referred to that third party for support."

As for windows update, see:
Exception was SP1, MSFT removed a feature that was vital to Storage server licensing. No such issues have been found in limited testing of SP2 or any other windows update.

There is a rebranding CD available to convert your 1500s into a DL100 Storage Server.

I hope that some of this helps.
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Re: NAS1500 OS upgrade and/or antivirus

Thanks for the help,

I did locate a T4423A product code for taking a NAS1500 to a WSS2003R2 - I think, however I haven't been able to find anyone at HP that can either sell or help me understand if it meets my unit. This whole rebranding thing seems to have created a ton of confusion - I can't ask about a NAS1500 or they don't know what it is, however if I ask about a DL100 the whole "Appliance Server Edition" of Windows is where I get stuck in conversion.

My issue on the antivirus front is that I cannot get either of the top two products to install. I get a message that it is not supported on this OS. When I contact the providers - they tell me Windows 2003 Storage Server Appliance Edition is not supported. Windows 2003 Storage Server R2 is supported.

So, overall I think I need to take my NAS1500 from Windows 2003 Storage Server Appliance Edition to Windows 2003 Storage Server R2 somehow.

What does the actual rebranding CD do - it looks like it replaces the web interface and the console but otherwise nothing?

thanks again.