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NAS2000s Windows 2003 R2

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NAS2000s Windows 2003 R2

Is it possible to upgrade to Windows 2003 R2 on our NAS2000s?

I need to use the delta replication features of the new DFS-R in R2.

Thanks for your help in advance...
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Re: NAS2000s Windows 2003 R2


The "upgrade" kit you are looking for is not released yet. I believe that it will be available near the end of June. It will be the HP StorageWorks NAS standard Upgrade.

It won't be an upgrade as much as it is a replacement of the OS with R2.

All of the settings and shares of the current system will be lost. The Windows Storage Server 2003 will be replaced with Windows Storage Server 2003 R2. Any local users and groups will be lost as well as all the share information.

The data partion shouldn't be touched, but I would back up the OS with system state to a location off the server and also back up the data partion to a remote location. Replacing an OS always makes me nervous.

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