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NFS Server (HP Storageworks 4000s)

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NFS Server (HP Storageworks 4000s)

Where does NFS services for windows keep it's
config? I have some "Ghost" mounts that keep
hanging there.

C:\>showmount -e
Exports list on XXX:
/configs All Machines
/logs All Machines
/data All Machines

C:\>showmount -a
All mount points on XXX: : X:\ : X:\config : X:\data\testdir : X:\iweb3

None of the mounts that showmount -a shows are not real! How do I get rid off them?

They keep coming back every time when client machines mount something.
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Re: NFS Server (HP Storageworks 4000s)

If you are saying that once the share is unmounted by the NFS client and you still see the shares mounted on the NAS server, then try the following from the NAS command line:
C:\>net stop nfssvc
C:\>net start nfssvc

If the above still does not remove them, view this Microsoft KB article:;en-us;214512

After viewing the KB article and assuminng it applies (i.e., you moved or deleted a NFS shared folder without removing the NFS share first), using Windows Explorer, try creating the original shared folder (original location and name) and see if it gets automatically shared for NFS. If it does, go into Properties and NFS Share tab and remove the NFS share.

As a caution, when working with the filesystems, be sure to take appropriate steps to protect your data.