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NFS on NAS 2000s

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NFS on NAS 2000s

Hello everyone!

Does anyone have any info regarding the following:

I'm trying to open an Oracle database from an HP-UX server (OS version 11.0) using files located on an NFS v3 mountpoint. The oracle user has full access to these shares but when the application tries to open the files, it gives a timeout error which is related to a lock on the files.

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Re: NFS on NAS 2000s

Here is something to try:

The default for SMB is mandatory locks. They will need to be disabled.

To support advisory locks, set the following registry value to zero to disable mandatory locks:


CAUTION: Setting this registry value turns off mandatory locks only for NFS lock requests. Windows applications continue to use mandatory locks. As a result, if one NFS client obtains a read/write lock on a file, other NFS clients that are also using NLM locks before accessing a file for read/write will honor that lock. However, any Windows application can still modify the file, either through a Common Internet File System (CIFS) share, or when running on the computer where the file is located, because advisory locks do not actually lock the file on the server. Additionally, although an NFS client may have obtained a lock on a file, a Windows application (either running locally or accessing the file through a CIFS share) can get a mandatory lock on the file, thereby preventing the NFS client from accessing the file, even though the NFS client has a read/write lock on the file.

After toggling this registry bit, the NFS server service will need to be restarted.

net stop nfssvc

net start nfssvc