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NIC Intermittent during backups

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NIC Intermittent during backups

I have 2 HP NAS systems running Windows Storage Server. During network backups, remote sessions or system scanning, the NIC will keep dropping offline then returning in a minute. Has anyone else seen this with the HP NAS systems. These are the only HP machines I have and they appear to be the most problematic in regards to network issues.

Re: NIC Intermittent during backups

HP NAS systems do not normally suffer from a NIC problem. Systemic problems that have been found are corrected in NAS service releases, so it is worth checking via that you are running the latest SR pack.

Another thing to check is whether the card and your switch are not both set to auto-negotiate speed as this can cause timeouts during periods of heavy traffic.

NIC teaming has been problematic thoughout the IT industry so if you have this enabled you may want to disable it as a test.

If the above suggestions don't resolve the problem, I would suspect a hardware fault.