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NIC Team unplugged after reboot

Nathan Marchand
Occasional Contributor

NIC Team unplugged after reboot

I got a X1600 servers with four NIC's. I have setup two NIC teams using two NIC each.


Every time the server reboots, one of the teams (Team B) fails to start. In Network Connections the status is 'cable unplugged" and in Team properties reports state as disconnected. Yet each of the NIC that is a part of the team reports being enabled.



If I disable the team or either one of the NICs it starts working.

if I have one of the Team NICs disabled during the reboot it starts fine.

If I set Teaming to Network Fault Tolerance  only it works on reboot but automatic (Transmit Load balancing with fault Tolerance) it fails on reboot.

I tried dissolving and recreating the team with the same issue.



Any ideas?