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Nas 2000S firmware upgrade

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Nas 2000S firmware upgrade


I am trying to find out some information regarding a NAS 2000s box that I have been given control of.
I would like to upgrade the firmware & installed software to the latest version. I have downloaded the Proliant Firmware cd (V. 7.8), but do not want to update if it is not supported.
Another easy question is, I am trying to download a file (, but it constantly times out. I cannot find the file on the FTP server, so I can download with an FTP client.


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Re: Nas 2000S firmware upgrade

Hi Matt,
ProLiant FW Maint CD 7.80 is supported. Use the ProLiant DL380 G3 Server model and Windows Server 2003.

Ftp link to download HP ProLiant Storage Server Service Release 6.4 (SR 6.4):

Some additional information you may find useful about SR 6.4:
SR 6.4 supports the HP StorageWorks NAS 2000s. SR 6.4 carries ProLiant FW components for the 2000s, however they are one release back - ProLiant FW Maint CD v7.70. Note: a prequisite before installing SR 6.4 is W2K3 SP2. SR 6.4 will assist you install SP2 as it will inspect the 2000s for an important NAS system update, and the presence of Windows Installer 3.1 and .NET Framework 2.0. If these components are not installed, SR 6.4 will install them for you, then provides a "Browse" path to W2K3 SP2 installer location.