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Nas 2000s unbootable

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Nas 2000s unbootable


My nas 2000 (only 2 on site) rebooted the other day & I was unable to get the system to boot. In the end I did a system repair, not realising it was storage server 2003. I repaired with server 2003. The system now boots but I get the following error.

The server you are running cannot run StorageWorks NAS software properly. You may be in violation of your license agreement. Please contact HP Support immediately if you think this message is displayed in error. The server will Blue Screen in 1 minute.

I have only recently joined the company & the quick restore dvd is nowhere to be seen.
I have a backup of the drive in Netbackup, but am unable to load the os for long enough to perform the restore. I can get into safe mode, but the backup software does not run in safe mode.
Is there a fix that I can do without the dvd or do I have to wait up to 6 weeks for the dvd to arrive (ordered today)?