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New StoreEasy 1860 won't install Mgmt Console

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New StoreEasy 1860 won't install Mgmt Console

Just bought a new StoreEasy 1860 system and at step 5 in OOBE it says to download Management console and not to use MSFT to create storage pools. So i download and go to install the console but get an error message that says. 

Title msg box: HPE SoreEasy Management cnsole

System not supported. The installation cannot continue as HPE StoreEasy management console is only supported o HPE StoreEasy 1x60 Storage. f you believe this is an error, Please contact HPE support.

I have openned two cases with HPE support but no joy yet. 

Anyone have any idea what up with the console ? is it required? Yes? No?




Re: New StoreEasy 1860 won't install Mgmt Console


I am sorry that you're having issues with the installation of the management console and that support was not yet able to help you with your issue. The management console is an optional tool that enables more simple administration of the platform. So to answer your question, it is not required but recommended.

I will reach out to you separately to further discuss the installation issues you are experiencing.

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