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P2000 G3 enclosure

Jose Garcia_3
New Member

P2000 G3 enclosure

I can't find an answer to this question:

Is it supported to add a P2000 G3 SAS enclosure (AP843A), to an existing MSA2000 G2 head controller unit?

I know that the other way around is supported (P2000 G3 head unit with G2 JBOD enclosures), but just not a word about the reverse...

Thanks, JG.
Jon Paul
Trusted Contributor

Re: P2000 G3 enclosure

Hi Jose,

The AP843A is not supported behind the MSA2000 G2 array. The AP843A is a 6Gb JBOD, the MSA2000 G2 is only 3Gb on the SAS egress port.
For LFF JBOD behind the MSA2000 G2 you should use the AJ750A - HP StorageWorks MSA2000 Dual I/O 3.5-inch inch 12 LFF Drive Enclosure
You will also need to purchase 2x SAS to mini-SAS cables not supplied.
HP SAS to miniSAS .5m Cable

HP SAS to miniSAS 1m Cable

HP SAS to miniSAS 2m Cable