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Problem Directory Quota NAS 1200S

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Problem Directory Quota NAS 1200S

Button Finish, error -2147023582 ???

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Re: Problem Directory Quota NAS 1200S

We have seen this problem and are working on it. We are not aware of any WebUI fix or any other Microsoft hotfixes for this error.

You can successfully create directory quotas (Event Viewer says quota creation successful), but unable to complete the Directory quota wizard using the webUI.
The first time, you press the "Finish" button, the quota is created, but the error -2147023582 appears on the webUI screen. Go ahead and select the "Cancel" button to go back to the Directory quota main page, where you should see the quota you created.

An alternate solution is to use the "dirquota" command from the shell. Here's the syntax to create a directory quota with 100MB policy:
C:\> dirquota /a /o c:\test /t "100 MB Limit"

Can you let us know what 3rd party software is installed on your 1200s???

Hope this helps.