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Problems with AiO600

Chris Ericoli
New Member

Problems with AiO600

I have just installed an AiO600 and am having some difficulties.

The server is upgraded to 1.5.0 (1.4.3 for service release, and 3.8 for ASM).

I have created some User-Defined application LUNs which are enabled as volumes on different servers. All of the LUNs appear correctly and seem to work, with the exception of one which is setup on an Exchange 2010 server. The LUN works as storage, but when a snapshot is run, the snapshot fails, and the following error is logged in the event log of the Exchange server:

Event ID 2007 (from ESE) -
Information Store (3332) Shadow copy instance 2 aborted.

Preceeding events suggest that the exchange writer is freezing the databases etc all successfully. If I query the vssadmin list of writers for the Microsoft Exchange Writer, I get:

'Microsoft Exchange Writer'
State: [9] Failed
Last error: Timed out.

I'm not sure if it's relevant, but the following event is also being logged periodically on the AiO (they are not occuring at the same time or in proximity/relation to each other):

Could not connect via COM to VDS Service. Restarting VDS service

Now of course I realise that the integrated application support of the AiO does not extend to Exchange 2010 - but I am not attempting to use the integrated application support, just to setup a basic volume on the Exchange server that can have snapshots taken at intervals.

If someone could please help me, I would be most grateful.