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Proliant DL185G5 & ISCSI

Gustav Berger
Occasional Contributor

Proliant DL185G5 & ISCSI

hello , i have a question about using an dl185g5 hp proliant server with windows server 2008 standard 64 bit ( no microsoft storage server !) and using this server with iscsi connection to an hp dl38g5 with windows server 2008 enterprise.
is there a way to connect from the host server ( dl380g5 ) with microsoft server 2008 iscsi initiator clientsoftware to this iscsi target ( dl185g5 ) with hp/ms software or only with an 3rd party iscsi targe ??

thanks for helping


Frank Van Riet

Re: Proliant DL185G5 & ISCSI

Hi Gustav,

It might work, but you won't get support.
the iSCSI target software from Microsoft is only supported on Storage server.

This means you'll need to go to a 3rd party vendor if you want to use your server as an iSCSI target.

But question is : why not go for Storage server? it has some features you won't find in the 'standard' windows server.