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Remote Desktop Connection

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Remote Desktop Connection

I installed a HP 2000s back in Nov. 2003. at around March 2004 I haven't been able to attach to the Remote Desktop Connection using MS Remote Desktop Connection app. I get the error message that there was no Terminal Service license servers available. This is not true because I do have a TS license server that issues licenses for a terminal server users connect to and I have a a second HP NAS 2000s that I installed in Jan 2004 that I can connect to.
ON the NAS in trouble, if I connect through iLO and try to run Term Server Licensing, it doesn't find my licensing server on the LAN, but from the working NAS, which is in a remote location connected via WAN, it can find the license server.
Also, on the NAS in trouble, I cannot login (via iLO Remote Desktop) into the remote desktop using a domain account, even though it's a member server.
Jon Paul
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Re: Remote Desktop Connection

Hey Rob,

The 2000s is trying to use the terminal services to do remote desktop. The licensing for terminal services changed from the previous versions of NAS OSs and now only has a 120 day license. Which in your case has expired.

Turn off terminal services, turn on remote desktop.
Is your case, terminal services has turned itself off so all you need to do is turn on remote desktop.

Right-click on "My Computer"
click Properties
Click Remote
Enable Remote Desktop
(Add any users that are not administrators of the NAS box that will be using Remote Desktop)

Sorry for the inconvienience.