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Replacing RAID controler on ML350 G5

Grahame symon
New Member

Replacing RAID controler on ML350 G5

if you replace a,

Smart Array E200i 128MB BBWC RAID
will you be able to boot the system afterwards without building the array again?
Is RAID info on the card or the hard drives?

This is not a issue I have at the moment, but would like to be prepaired just incase.

Jon Paul
Trusted Contributor

Re: Replacing RAID controler on ML350 G5

Hi Grahame,
The "i" on the end of the E200 indicates that this is an embedded controller on the ML350G5 motherboard. You can not remove it from the system. You can use another controller, i.e. the P400, and as long as the controller is another SAS/SATA SmartArray controller, you should not have to reconfigure the logical drives.
Please note that if you are using a Windows Storage Server (NAS) then the restore DVD will not work with the replacement controller.
Hope this helps,