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Restoring upgraded 1000s

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Restoring upgraded 1000s

We have upgraded a 320GB nas 1000s to 1TB.

The Quick Restore CD (1200s restore CD) is failing to complete, its either hanging or completing and then saying fail to boot from all devices.

We have successfully managed to restore numerous 320gb / 640gb nas servers from this DVD.

Is there anything anyone can recommend?

If it requires a different disc is there anyone that is willing to post one (UK) I will ofcourse gladly pay for it OR if anyone knows where I can locate the ISO's for them.

Thanks for your help,

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Re: Restoring upgraded 1000s

chris I have the restore discs here for the 1200's and the 1000's the 1200's can go on the 1000's but then you got licencing to worry about.

I have no worrys about posting a disk or two to you. I am located in Hampshire M4 / M3
I take it you have a suitable dvd drive that will work on this item?