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SALDM.exe using 50% CPU on NAS4000

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SALDM.exe using 50% CPU on NAS4000


I have 2x HP NAS4000s (ProLiant DL380 G3) with W2K3 Enterprise. On one of them I noticed that the SALDM.exe process is running and it is using up about 50% of the CPU resources. The other one does not even have the process running and with more users and a heavier load on it the CPU is only around 2-10% utilization.

I have seen in other postings that the SALDM is actually the LED/LCD manager. LDM is the Logical Disk Manager. Typically, when this occurs it is either a problem with the LED/LCD driver.

Any more information on fixing this would be appreciated.

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Re: SALDM.exe using 50% CPU on NAS4000


saldm.exe is the Server Appliance Local Display Manager, and is a service that is part of the Microsoft Server Appliance Kit (SAK) for NAS systems. It is there to allow server appliances to display information on small local displays (e.g. an LCD on the front panel).
Server Appliances that do not have these displays seem to still have this service installed and running. The service tries to talk to the non-existant display, hence the abnormal CPU usage. It is ok to disable the service "Local Display Manager" (i.e., change Start-up type to "Disabled") and reboot (you cannot stop the service otherwise). This prevents the problem occuring in the future.