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SB600C woes...

Chris Wasser
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SB600C woes...

I posted this over in the Proliant Storage area but got no responses... I've been reading in here some folks are having similar issues...

--Original Post--

We recently had a major storm causing power-outages throughout the city and we were no exception. Up until this storm, everything was fine. Unfortunately, I did not have the HP Power Management setup (I do now) so the R5500 kept everything alive for about an hour and then everything shut down ungracefully.

When it was powered up again, everything came back up but in the AIO Storage Manager, I see errors regarding the Exchange Store(s) specifically the error message is:

Maibox Database: Failed to find volume 'Mailbox Database'. Ensure the volume is mounted.

This message is repeated for both First and Second Storage group (including the logs) but I should note that Exchange 2007 is running perfectly fine (everyone can get mail) but in the Application View (and only the App-View, the main view shows no alerts, everything is OK), there's this error as well as event viewer logs:

Could not discover File Volumes on host SEDMMX01

The host and storage for iSCSI LUN 0 cannot be found.

Alert: Failed to find volume 'Mailbox Database'. Ensure volume is mounted.

These messages are repeated for each LUN and for each Exchange item. These messages are repeated roughly every 20 minutes or so, ad infinitum. SEDMMX01 is where I have Exchange 2007 installed and it shows that the databases are mounted (Outlook works perfectly fine for every user).

I checked the iSCSI setup on both the SB600C and SEDMMX01 and nothing has changed, the only difference is SEDMMX01 is running v2.08 and the SB600C is running 2.06 but this was never an issue before.

My SB600C details:

StorageWorks AIO SB600C Storage System: Version 1.5.0
Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition Service Pack 2, R2: Version 5.2.3790, Build 3790
HP All-in-One Storage Management System: Version
All-in-One Storage Manager: Version
Sysprep: Version 5.2
Services for Netware: 5.02
HP Management Agents:

I've checked everything I can think of, as I said, up until a week ago, everything was fine as-is.
Chris Wasser
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Re: SB600C woes...

I'm not sure if HP Engineers actually look at this forum but this is the first time I've posted here and not received a response. Is this due to nobody knowing or am I missing something? Should I have purchased a bigger NAS unit? Is the SB600C the red-headed step-child nobody wants to deal with?

I'd like to think this is a simple fix because everything else is working properly except the AIO Storage Manager Application View.

Is there a newer SB600C update out greater than 1.5.0? Is there a service pack? It would seem this information is not readily available even when using the "Help and Support" links provided in the software which end up taking me to ancient releases and outdated information.

I'd like to think I don't have a $5,000 paper-weight.