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SB600c and hosting exchange databases

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SB600c and hosting exchange databases

Have an Sb600c for storage and another server running exchange 2007. On the exchange server all the exchange databases are installed into d:\program files\exchange\databases etc.

I want to host these databases on the Sb600c - but when i go to do this the migration process moves the datbase to the "c:\data volumes" folder.

Is there any way to migrate but keep the databases on D:\ - rather than have them moved to c:? We are a little low in disk space on c: - with over 100GB free on D:.

Jonathan Haase

Re: SB600c and hosting exchange databases

I'm certain by now you've probably already answered this since this post was back in September.

However just to be certain and have this out there where anyone else who is concerned about this can see it.

The migration process is actually not taking any additional space on your C: drive or the D: drive. By migrating the data to the SB600C, the data is actually residing on the SB600C, and not on the Exchange server any longer. What you are seeing in c:\data volumes is the "Mount Points" for the iSCSI luns coming from the Storage server. Those mount points take up a very minimal amount of space on the local drives. They are just a different way to refer to the remote storage other than drive letters.

HP actually just recently added that method due to some issues that I and several other partners submitted with migrating a number of SQL databases... Previously they used different drive letters for each iSCSI mount, which for databases meant two per database, one for the log, one for the data. That means that you could only migration a very limited number (less than 10) of databases over from any one SQL server before you would run out of available local drive letters. With the Volume Mount points they've dramatically increased the capapicity there.