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SBX1800 w/ SB40c Virtual Disk Service Stops Responding

Brian Carpio
New Member

SBX1800 w/ SB40c Virtual Disk Service Stops Responding


Currently we have an HP X1800sb on loan from HP so I can evaluate how it can help enhance the storage needs of our application.

I'm also a Linux / VMware guy not a windows guy so possibly I am simply doing something wrong.

To the issue.

When trying to create a LUN from the ASM or the "Storage Manager For SANs" the LUN creation says it "failed" and I have to restart the "Virtual Disk" service in Windows before I can see anything in "Storage Manager For SANs".

Just to confirm what I am doing:

1) I have no LUN configured on the SB40c
2) I open ASM
3) Select "Storage View"
4) Create A Shared Folder
5) ONLY put a check in Share this folder as a UNIX/Linix share (NFS Protocol)
6) Share Name "share01"
7) Check both "Allow Anonymous Access" and "Allow Root Access"
8) Using Raid 0 (again this is just a test but I've tried raid 5 and 1+0
9) I allocate 10GB (even though I have over 500G available)
10) Snapshots Checked w/ "Multiple Schedules"
11) Leave "Run tasks immediately" checked
12) Press Finish

The process starts and I get:

Validate overall job: completed
Create virtual array size of 137G: Completed
Create logical disk size of 12.1GB: Failed