SQL hosting

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SQL hosting

In AIO 1200r When i try the sql hosting Its getting failed on the storage assign tab. The vdisk is not able to create on that point. So i remove the raid of the remaining harddiks. then it has taken 2 hard disk for db and 2 for log (raid 0+1).

I want to know how the storage space will be taken on the sql hosting wizard in aio 1200r.
In aio 400 the vdiks will create as vhd format on Existing physical disk.

But in aio 1200r if u define the physical disk it will not run continously, getting failed. I have to remove the raid on the disks and i have to give the 4 hdd for the database. (2 for db, 2 for log) That hard disk will not able to use or view on AIO or SQL server(lun).

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Re: SQL hosting

could you post exact error message when problem of sql hosting failed, please