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Service pack 4 on NAS b2000

Aaron O'Donnell
New Member

Service pack 4 on NAS b2000

I am currently running service pack3 on our Nas b2000. All our other servers are on service pack 4. I would like to upgrade the NAS to service pack 4 but have heard this may cause problems.

Does anyone know if this will cause a problem or should I be fine to upgrade?

Re: Service pack 4 on NAS b2000

Do not put generic off-Microsoft SP4 on your NAS. Instead find a HP Storage Server Service Release media with the appropriate version # for your NAS. It used to be orderable for free from HP Software Depot. Since that model had been discontinued, that part is not listed any more.

Also do a search for 'b2000' on (link is too long to post it in here) - you'll have more support options for yourself.

There is an upgrade path to Windows Storage Server 2003 (#350330-B21) if your NAS is v2 hardware: It also comes from the same HP Software Depot and basicly gives you better optimized functionality (than Win2k) and better (in my opinion) admin interface/features judging on the similar upgrades I've done on my NAS. Then you would be able to put Service Release 5.6 which is specifically tailored for HP NAS 2000s you get after that upgrade.
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