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SiS Enabled SAN space


SiS Enabled SAN space

Hello people,


I have an X3800SB installed in a C7000 enclosure which has access to a P4000 SAN. I have a couple rackmount Proliants serving as file servers. The direct attached storage on those file servers is now insufficient for our needs. I want to use the X3800SB to provide SiS enabled storage to those two file servers, and I will need to have that storage located on the P4000 SAN. We will not be using the X3800SB to create the LUNs on the P4000 as they are already managed by the SAN/IQ Central Management Console. How can I use the X3800SB to provide such SiS enabled storage to two or more rackmount servers?


This is how I've provisioned SiS space right now;


1. using the SAN/IQ CMC on the P4000, carve out a LUN for the X3800SB

2. Attach to the LUN using the X3800's iSCSI initiator, and configured the Basic disk in DIsk Mgmt.

3. Shared that drive out as\\X3800server\testdata

4. mapped that share as a drive on one of the file servers


To date, when a server requires SAN access we connectg directly to the P4000 via iSCSI. However, the P4000 does notr provide Single Instance Storage. So that is why we've got the X3800, in order to provision SiS enabled space on the P4000 SAN. Is this best practise?


Thanks for your time,


Dan B.