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Snap Server 4200 OS on a NAS 1000s

Sean Warburton
New Member

Snap Server 4200 OS on a NAS 1000s


I'm wondering now that the NAS 1000s has been discontinued, is it possible and has anyone managed to install the Linux based OS from a Snap Server 4200 on to the NAS 1000s. They are essentially identical machines so I would think it may be possible.

I'm trying to eliminate all Microsoft OS's from our network and this machine is the last one, any thoughts or suggestions.
Cathy G. Odom

Re: Snap Server 4200 OS on a NAS 1000s

Hmm, let me know if you figure this one out? We have two of the snap servers, a 4200 and a 4250. Having problems backing up data on them, we are now W2003 "native mode" for our domain controllers.. have other servers taht are still W2k, like our NAS 1000s. We are wondering if there is a way to modify or reimage the 4200 to NTFS so our backups can see it?