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StorageWorks 1200s and iSCSI Feature Pack

Erik Sørensen
Occasional Contributor

StorageWorks 1200s and iSCSI Feature Pack

Hi there
We would like to use our 1200s T1 as data-store for MS SQK Server 2005 and MS Exchange Server 2003.
As I understand, the Windows iSCSI Feature Pack enables the Exchange-storage; but not the SQL datastorage facility.
Anyone found out which iSCSI Feature Pack to purchase and install? I am very confused af a couple of hours search on
Thanks in advance.
Erik Bo Sorensen
Jon Paul
Trusted Contributor

Re: StorageWorks 1200s and iSCSI Feature Pack

Hi Erik,

I hope you have found these sites, but if not:
iSCSI Feature Pack site:
iSCSI Feature Pack Quickspecs:

Both Exchange 2000/2003 and SQL 2000 (note SQL 2005 support is not claimed at this time) are supported. But for each Agent Pack, you are only licensed for one agent. (i.e. if you want both exchange and SQL you will have to purchase 2 Agent packs to maintain the right licensing)

I would STRONGLY suggest downloading the trial version (30-days I think) and making sure that the performance is going to be acceptable. The 1200s is an IDE based 4 drive system using software RAID.

Hope this helps,
Jon Paul