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StorageWorks X1600 System Recovery

Shaun Arrowsmith
Occasional Contributor

StorageWorks X1600 System Recovery

OK, I admit I am an ass, just taken delivery of one of the above, ran the install and then somehow managed to break the OS, no problem I thought, recovery dvd, but this hasnt got a dvd rom, nor can I find anywhere to plug one in, the support doc says "you can run the system recovery from a bootable USB flash drive" how do I create one from the dvd? or if I went out and got me a usb dvd rom, would that work?
IS Renewals
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Re: StorageWorks X1600 System Recovery

Hi Shaun,

I think the X1600 comes with iLo2 Advanced by default, so you could attach it using that? Failing that, my recovery DVD came with a set of instructions for creating a USB Flash Drive System Recovery drive, as follows (ignore quotes):
- Obtain a blank 8GB USB flash drive
- Insert the drive into your workstation
- Open an elevated command prompt
- Type 'diskpart'
- At the diskpart prompt, enter 'list disk'
- Identify the number corresponding to the USB drive
- Enter 'select disk ' e.g. select disk 4
- Enter 'clean'
- Enter 'create partition primary'
- Enter 'select partition 1'
- Enter 'format fs=fat32 quick' (or NTFS if FAT32 isn't supported)
- Enter 'active'
- Enter 'assign letter='
- Insert the System Recovery DVD into your workstation
- Copy all files (including bootmgr) from the DVD to the root of the USB drive

You should then be able to use that USB drive to boot from and run the system recovery.