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Storageworks x1600, NFS to Solaris

Matt Hearn
Regular Advisor

Storageworks x1600, NFS to Solaris

Hi all! We have a Storageworks x1600 that we're trying to configure so that it can share storage, via NFS, with a Solaris server (and, later, an HP-UX server). We can successfully mount the filesystem on the Solaris host, but get permission denied errors when trying to cd into it or list its contents:

psjump02:/ $ mount nas01:/UNIX_SHR /jumpstart
psjump02:/ $ cd /jumpstart
ksh: /jumpstart: permission denied
psjump02:/ $ ls -l /jumpstart
/jumpstart: Permission denied
total 1
psjump02:/ $ ls -ld /jumpstart
drwxrwxrwx 2 nobody nobody 64 Apr 21 11:00 /jumpstart
psjump02:/ $ df -k /jumpstart
Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on
nas01:/UNIX_SHR 4883517108 240980 4883276128 1% /jumpstart

Looking at some manuals, it seems that we have to configure ADLDS on the x1600 to do this, but it's pretty vague as to how. Has anyone done this?
Greg Schenzel
New Member

Re: Storageworks x1600, NFS to Solaris

Did you ever find a solution? I don't have this particular problem, but I just transferred 1.5TB of data and I can't chown anything. I've been digging through manuals for days and even set up an AD server just for this. This is a *TERRIABLE* NFS server.