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SureStore J3276A

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SureStore J3276A

I just got a J3276A off eBay. The unit is in great condition, however my network is all Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Windows XP clients (Both home and business edition). Is there a hardware upgrade that will allow this unit to be accessed from Win2k and XP...? If not, is there a way to use the server such that I can connect the drives to another SCSI controller on my file server..?

Meaning, can I disconnect the server portion and run a SCSI cable to the drive in the 0 position and run all the CD roms from my server, only using the case as a rack for the drives and power supply...?

I dont want to have to re-sell this item as it is in fantastic shape. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: SureStore J3276A


These units are OEMed from a company called Axis. Check for the latest firmware from axis and they have XP support included. the latest I know is 5.35 and that included XP support. But for the rest you are on your own if the flash does not work or corrupts the servermodule.
Howmuch did you pay for this unit?
Zo, dat was dan dat.
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Re: SureStore J3276A


please let me know if i worked witch firmware u used...

I've got the same problem....