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Taskmart 2400 and addition of disks

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Taskmart 2400 and addition of disks

i have a taskmart n2400. i added 14 disks of 72go in my baie. after having creates a new array and a new logical drive, the status of my logical drive is " Background Parity Initializing" . I would like to know if this opération last a long time.
PS : I am in Raid ADG
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Re: Taskmart 2400 and addition of disks

Background parity initialization is a normal operation that is necessary to initialize logical drives that have a fault tolerance with parity.

The message can safely be ignored. Your data is not at risk. The warning messages indicate only that the Background Parity Initialization process has not been completed. All data that has been written during this process is fully protected against a two drive failure for ADG RAID.

The process will start when I/O is performed on the drives, so leave the system up and conected (in fact, format the logical drive and start loading it up with data). When background parity initialization completes, the performance of the logical drives will improve.

If after a few hours the Parity Initialization has not cleared or the warning message states that the process is "Queued" then let us know.

I hope this helps! -john
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