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Technical Advice on X1000

鈴木 智洋
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Technical Advice on X1000

I am thinking of buying a X1600 (the model w/ two 2.5" drives in the rear for the OS) to replace our aging ML350G3 file server. In this regard, I have a couple questions about the device. (I've searched around for reviews and reports of experiences but there's not much info online about this new line-up yet.)

First, our current file server simply has one huge 1TB RAID 5 array for user data, based on the eight or so internal U320 disks. If I were to have 12 slots to use on the X1600, what would be the best way to carve up the storage? Should I create another huge array, or perhaps create a couple smaller arrays at the expense of additional parity disks? I am not sure how much storage technology has improved, so I don't know if say six 450GB 6G SAS disks in RAID 6 would perform approaching 1.8TB of data.

Also, I noticed some models (like the 6TB SATA) come with multiple logical disks on a single array. Would it make any sense to create multiple logical drives for user data, on the same array? From a disk fault tolerance perspective, I don't see any benefit. If anything, this seems like added overhead for the controller. The only possible "benefit" one might be after is having multiple OS-level volumes without creating multiple arrays... If one were to want a dedicated drive/volume for a specific application/database, I'd imagine he/she'd want to create that with a dedicated array... no?

Any feedback/thoughts appreciated!