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Trouble logging onto my b2000 NAS box

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Trouble logging onto my b2000 NAS box

Hi, has anyone got any ideas as to what the admin password could be for a new NAS b2000 please?
I've got the 2003 OS screen up with "Administrator" as username - but no password info was shipped with the box. I've tried this:-

but that doesn't work (though the systems Mangement password pair does).

Anybody any idea please?


Jon Paul
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Re: Trouble logging onto my b2000 NAS box

Hey Rick,

By default all B2000 (Windows Powered OS) systems had a blank password.
If you have a 2003 system (Windows Storage Server, 2000s) the password is hpinvent
If these don't work, it would appear that someone has changed your password for you. Possibly group policy in the domain you joined because the password is considered "weak"?

Also as a side note, there are 3 different Administrator accounts on a new 2000s.
1. OS - Administrator (hpinvent)
2. Integrated Mgmt - administrator (administrator)
3. Integrated Lights Out - Administrator (??? on tag hanging on the front of the server ???)