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Troubleshoot a Disk Issue

Storage NAS 1000s
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Troubleshoot a Disk Issue


i have a Storage Nas 1000s that presents a disk issue. At the disk management a disk displays an error that says "Healthy - with Errors" and the logical disk says "at risk".

I want to test the disk. Can i use the Smart Start CD to troubleshoot the disk?

Or what other software i can use?

Tks in advance.

Angel Buitrago
Storage NAS 1000s
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Re: Troubleshoot a Disk Issue

hi again..

What software can i use to diagnose a disk issue..?
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Re: Troubleshoot a Disk Issue

Hi Angel,
Could you be more specific on what type of a volume it is RAID or Standard.

If it is a RAID volume CHKDSK may fix filesystem level issues but not hardware. I might be able to suggest some options if you could let know the Controller types (and an ADU report)

If the volume is on a single disk software RAID, better check the SMART output of the drives using tools available on the internet. Most of them are capable of reading scsi drives

PS: Backup before it's too late!!!!!!!!