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USB Drivers for DL100 Quick restore disk


USB Drivers for DL100 Quick restore disk

I have tried multiple drives to load the Quick Restore. Can anyone tell me 1. What device does work, 2. Is there another option for media?



Re: USB Drivers for DL100 Quick restore disk

Since you mentioned "multiple" I presume you're using a generic USB casing/enclosure(s) with some branded "regular" 5.25" drive. Although my suggestion is not an exact answer to the problem you are experiencing, I hope it will point you in the right direction.

I had similar problems with restoration of NAS 1200s (also a 1-U no-removable media unit) when (after a cold boot) HP-included USB drivers loaded from ext. DVD, could see 'some' USB device but could not mount the DVD volume. Same story - multiple drives, multiple enclosures later - the problem was singled out to be the choice of the DVD-included driver (in)compatibility with at-hand generic hardware.

My NAS 1200s (latest-and-greatest SR 5.6 by the way) media loads a DUSE ("DOS USB Stack Driver") v4.4 by Cypress Semiconductor. Appears to be it is not as flexible with generic USB devices & enclosures - in my investigation I've seen a lot people on the net complaining about similar issues elsewhere. Cypress had a later version 4.9 developed, but HP for some reason is still using 4.4. Cypress also has a free USB developer utility package to support it's own USB chipset and driver, but that's where it all in my opinion ends. I don't know if HP ever used it.

Having found that, I've decided to invest in a HP original External MultiBay Cradle storage enclosure USB 2.5 - IDE + Hi-Speed USB - #DC373B. A number of other people had been suggesting that here in the forum. Now I will definitely support that opinion. For the amount of trouble I have already gone through it happened to be an easy and inexpensive way out after all. Not as quick as I've hoped but still. That is an answer to your question 1.

That Multibay takes a regular ProLiant slim form factor DVD-capable drive - that what product descriptions don't tell anywhere. The one with reinforced grey connector with rounded edges, not the older notebook rectangular-looking IDE type. Basicly, if you can 'loan' a slim DVD drive from a recent HP/Compaq server, your investment stops on buying/getting your hands on a Multibay enclosure. The only inconvenience I've found with that is that my NAS has USB 1.1 in it - loading a few gigs is not that 'quick' at all. Depending on age of your DL100 you may be in a better shape.

Question 2 basicly is unnecessary if solution to Q.1 works. Plus such a big image to make available as fast as HP does it via mail, DVD is the only media format inexpensive and easy to handle without jamming ISP connections on both ends. Good luck.
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