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Re: Unable to expand array on StoreEasy 1840

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Unable to expand array on StoreEasy 1840

We recently replaced the P822 controller on a StoreEasy 1840 and all arrays came back up to normal (no data loss), however, I am now unable to expand any of the arrays using a brand new drive that we just added.

All drives on the server including the new one are genuine HPE parts and they are all the exact same model.

From ACU, I click on the array, Expand Array button, select the new drive, and then click Save but I immediately get this error "The operation has failed with an unknown error. Please restart the application and attempt the operation again." and the expansion never takes place. I get this whether I run ACU from Windows itself or before (by pressing F5 during server boot).


Here are the controller details:

Controller Status: OK
Controller: Smart Array P822
Hardware Revision: B
Firmware Version 8.00
RAID 6 (ADG) Status: Enabled

Controller Settings
Transformation Priority: High
Rebuild Priority: High
Surface Scan Analysis Priority: High
Surface Scan Delay: Not Applicable
Physical Drive Write Cache State: Enabled

Cache Module Present: Yes
Cache Status: OK
Cache Status Details: A cache error was detected. Run a diagnostic report for more information.
Cache Ratio: 50% Read / 50% Write
Total Cache Memory Available: 1840 MB
Total Cache Size: 2048 MB
Cache Backup Power Source: Capacitor
Battery/Capacitor Pack Count: 1
Battery/Capacitor Status: OK
Enable Write Cache When Battery/Capacitor Not Present or Not Completely Charged: Enabled

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Re: Unable to expand array on StoreEasy 1840

Can you please confirm if the issue got resolved after Cache memory module replacement of HPE Smart Array P822 Controller ?

If something else then please share details which will help others for similar issue 

I work for HPE
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