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Upgrade of NAS1000s to WSS 2003 (NAS1200s?)

Chris Welbourne
New Member

Upgrade of NAS1000s to WSS 2003 (NAS1200s?)

How do i go about upgrading an existing NAS1000s to Windows Storage Server 2003, i belive there are upgrade kits available, but i have not seen any for the NAS1000s.

Can i just use a NAS1200s restore dvd ?

Re: Upgrade of NAS1000s to WSS 2003 (NAS1200s?)

Upgrade Kit Part Number was #349040-B21. It also includes a license key for Win 2003 Storage Server, so just a Restore DVD for 1200s won't help.

HP had a standard warning when that # was on regular offer in distribution:
"These upgrade kits cannot be used to upgrade Version 1 (v1) of the products listed above. Version 1 products cannot be upgraded to Windows Storage Server 2003 (WSS2003) because the hardware is not compatible with WSS2003. If you are not sure if you have a v1 or v2 product please check with your HP authorized representative for more help."

It is no longer listed on

But if you do a web search on that part number, it is still popping up as a special order item. I am not sure if it is still orderable.
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