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Upgrading NAS B3000 V2

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Upgrading NAS B3000 V2


We have recently purchased a NAS B3000 V2 System attached to and MSA 1000 SAN.

The System is running a Windows Powered OS. The version of IIS supplied is 5 and the version of Services for UNIX is 2.2.

Is it possible to safely upgrade IIS to version 6 and SFU to version 3.

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Re: Upgrading NAS B3000 V2

You *DO NOT* want to do either of these upgrades!

The SFU included in the V2 NAS products is actually version 2.3, and is an OEM-only version. It has performance and functionality enhancements, as well as bug fixes, which are not in either SFU 2.2 or SFU 3.0. If you install SFU 3.0, you will re-introduce fixed bugs, and will lose a lot of performance. (You will also have to QuickRestore to get back to SFU 2.3, as there is no non-OEM method of installing this version on your server.)

The change from IIS 5.0 to IIS 6.0 is fairly significant. A lot of things change on the back end, and the two are almost completely incompatible (from a web development standpoint). If you upgrade your IIS to 6.0, you will break your Web UI.

If you really want to upgrade your V2 products, you should look into the V2 to WSS upgrade from HP. It will allow you to upgrade to Windows Storage Server 2003, the new Web UI, the new SFU, etc. (But be advised that it is a kit you need to purchase, and there will be some work you have to do to migrate your settings, shares, etc., during the upgrade.)
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Re: Upgrading NAS B3000 V2

what is the WSS upgrade and what considerations might be required when updating from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003?