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WSS 2003 SP1 to R2 upgrade

James Abdale
New Member

WSS 2003 SP1 to R2 upgrade

I'm sure this has been asked, but I can't find the answer anywhere. Can I upgrade my DL100 from WSS 2003 SP1 to WSS 2003 R2?

My supplier tells me I need to rebuild the server from scratch with R2, but HP's release notes (Part # 5697-5885) mention an upgrade DVD.

Thank you!
New Member

Re: WSS 2003 SP1 to R2 upgrade

Hi James,

The short answer to this is that in order to get WSS2003 R2 on a DL100 you will need to do a QR with R2 on it. The confusion stems from the fact that it is called an upgrade dvd.

The "Upgrade DVD" for that platform will place an image that was created using WSS 2003 R2 on the server and replace the WSS 2003 SP1.

Hope this helps.