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Warning light front panel 1200S HP NAS


Warning light front panel 1200S HP NAS

Hi there,


I'm not sure anymore how to troubleshoit this issue. Since yesterday this led went on. In the local eventlog I found one error regarding a bad block on one of the disks. In the DiskManager a disk also was in a failure state but online. Clicking on Recactivate solved this, no errors here anynore. I also did a check in the HP NAS Software (https://localhost:3202. The only thing I could find was a warning regarding a certificate that was not from a authoritive party. Since the nas is only used internaly, i clicked the message away and that global status of the nas went from Warning to Informational. The only thing (error) I can see is the UPS Service that is not started. Since a network UPS is supplying the power to this NAS and that UPS can't be configured, i didn't enable it. I think this message is there for years.


So no errors left to be found. But the light on the front panel is still on. The NAS is operating normaly. What can I do more to found out what the problem is?