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What's up with the "do not power up" sticker?

Martin Schalk
New Member

What's up with the "do not power up" sticker?

We're owners of a brand new DL380 G4 Storage Server Ed. with a MAS20 "kit".
The server came with a sticker that says "do not power up without reading the installation guide" - is there stuff I have to do first before powering it up?
Should I put the SCSI card into the box before booting it up? I read a little ditty about flashing the card before attaching the MAS20 but otherwise - is there something I need to do or can I just throw the SCSI card in it and power her up?
Jon Paul
Trusted Contributor

Re: What's up with the "do not power up" sticker?

Hi Martin,
The sticker is more of a warning to customers who purchase a lot of standard ProLiant servers and install the OS themselves.
First thing you do is install the SmartStart CD and partition your drive. As the storage server comes already configured this would break the OS and cause the Quick Restore DVD to have to be used, wasting your time.
You are good to go. There will be some final confiuring on first boot. I would power the system up before installing the extra SCSI contorller so that the boot order does not get confused on first boot.