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Which NAS box best for this function?

Daniel Dryhurst
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Which NAS box best for this function?

Hi all

I currently have a task to source a couple of NAS boxes with roughly 1-2TB of data storage.

The first one is to go into our main server room, and function just like a normal storage fileserver.

The second is to sit in the disaster recovery room, and basically replicate the data from the production NAS to itself in the event of a failure in the primary room or complete loss of server.

Would the AE442A and AE443A come with suitable software to facilitate this easily or would a separate software solution be better for this too?

Thanks for your time.



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James Muell
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Re: Which NAS box best for this function?

Those boxes are not really NAS but rather data protection systems using Windows Storage server as the base os. They may do the job you are contemplating but don't look for true NAS functionality. NAS systems I know of are mainly just head units running NAS software and connected to a separate storage system like any of the HP storage systems. I think the HP NAS is called Clustered File System Gateway (formerly PolyServ). Its a DL380G5 using HBAs to connect to storage and NICs to provide connectivity to end points for depts etc access via Ether netwk.
Hense, Klaus
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Re: Which NAS box best for this function?

take two DL380G5 Storage Server SAS etc and youse DFS or two Lizenz HP Storage Mirroring.
Then you can put each Server in a other serverroom and replikate the storage and konfigure automatic failover etc.